Minecraft Guide With Gaming Hacks

One of the most successful and well-liked video games ever is called Minecraft. A video game called Sandbox was created by Mojang. Markus “Notch” Persson used the Java programming language to create the game. With 200 million copies sold and 126 million monthly active users as of 2020, Minecraft is the best-selling video game of all time and has been ported to numerous other platforms. One of the game modes is survival, where players must gather resources to construct the world and keep themselves healthy. To master Minecraft, there are a few top survival tips that you simply must keep in mind. With this list, we can take care of you. These suggestions are not listed in any particular order, and you should adhere to each one if you want to prosper and survive in Minecraft.

1. Employ the coordinates function

Turn on the coordinates in the game’s settings. Every time you play, sit down with a notepad and make notes or take screenshots of significant locations so you have their coordinates and can return if necessary. These significant locations may include your main base, a village, a stronghold, or any other building you plan to return to.

2. Do you need a compass or a clock? To use them, you don’t need to craft them

Everyone should be aware of this trick. Although they are not frequently used, clocks and compasses still take up space in your inventory and require resources. Simply go to your crafting recipes to access the clock and compass there; you can still use them without crafting them.

3. Remain underground

Caves are dangerous despite having a wealth of resources. Always keep an area lit with torches, carry a weapon on your hotbar, and wear armor. A shield won’t hurt if you want to take additional security measures. Always illuminate your mines because hostile mobs thrive in dark areas.

4. Constantly carry a bucket of water

In Minecraft, it’s a good idea to always have a water bucket with you. Whether it’s to cross lava, descend a ravine, or prevent a steep fall. Water buckets are a versatile tool that you ought to always have with you.

5. Pay attention to how long your tools will last

When you’re mining and your last pickaxe breaks, when you’re battling a horde of zombies and your sword breaks, or when you’re flying around in your world and your elytra breaks, it’s always very frustrating. Keep in mind that fixing your equipment rather than replacing it when it breaks will save you money. According to the proverb, “A stitch in time saves nine.”

6. Every time you find a village, lure the locals inside

This one may come off as a little harsh. However, if you’re looking for villagers to trade with, enclosing them would prevent them from straying or being killed. Some methods for doing this include walling up the village or blocking the doors of the houses as the villagers go to bed. After all, all you’re doing is defending them from zombies!

7. Lights and walls keep people alive

If you want to stay safe, building walls is a very important thing to do. Be it to safeguard your home or to prevent creepers from following you as you tend to your crops. Walling off areas keeps monsters out, and lighting up those areas keeps them from spawning new monsters.

8. Storage Wars

Your productivity would increase and life in Minecraft would be much easier if you had an organized and effective storage system. Keep your mining equipment close to your mines, store your food and wood in different chests, and if you are skilled with Redstone, you can even create machines that sort your items for you.

9. Mods

Use game modifications for better gaming experiences. One of a good example could be Jenny Mod, that offers a lot of opportunities to create and add a lot of new thing to your game. It makes possible to socially interact with other players and adds a variety of new items and blocks to the game, that could be much more interesting and useful in game. So if you are interested in jenny mod download it and try all the futures it gives!

10. Lava is the ideal fuel source

You’ve reached the Nether, or perhaps the nearby lava pit has a surplus of lava. In that case, throw out all of that filthy coal and fill your furnace with lava using a bucket. While an entire block of coal can only smelt 80 items, a single bucket of lava can smelt 100.

11. Automate your tasks

We previously discussed using machines to sort your items. But the story doesn’t end there. Automatic farms, item smelters, and much more are all possible! This facilitates your work and is an awesome thing to have in your life.

12. The Mushroom Biome is the most secure and tranquil location

Do you desire calm and peace? Go to the closest mushroom biome, where hostile mobs won’t appear unless a mob spawner is nearby or you haven’t slept in three days, in which case phantoms will begin pursuing you.

13. Use the appropriate potions

You currently possess the materials required to brew some potions. Then, depending on the type of work you must complete, make some potions to facilitate your work. Use fire resistance potions to keep yourself from catching fire, water breathing potions to stay underwater for longer periods of time, or health potions to heal yourself.

14. Use the most effective mining equipment

You can get more drops per block if you use an axe, pickaxe, or shovel that has Fortune III enchanted. Accordingly, a Fortune III Pickaxe allows you to extract multiple drops from a single block of diamond ore as opposed to a single drop from each diamond ore. Similar to this, the Efficiency Enchantment makes it possible for you to destroy blocks more quickly.

15. Investigate

To fully enjoy the game and expand your world, venture out into the wild once you have a base and enough resources. You can get by if you just keep in mind the bare necessities for surviving in the wild and uncharted lands.

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