Drink Dispensers For Better Drink Serving

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A proper drink dispenser is essential for home entertaining, whether you are serving fresh-brewed iced coffee or fruity sangria. Perhaps you are looking for a small, lightweight pitcher in a carafe style to take to the park with you or a large drink dispenser to give your kids after practice. We have the right product for you.

These 11 versatile drink dispensers are perfect for mixing up your favorite drinks and ensuring that guests have plenty of water. Are you ready for sangria?!

Brunch is best

FineDine 1-Gallon glass Beverage Dispenser

The best-selling Mason-jar-inspired cold beverage dispensers is a fan favorite because of its small 1-gallon capacity, portability, and cute simplicity. The large stainless steel pour spout with metal screw top makes it easy to serve, refill, clean up, and for cleanup.

This is the perfect beverage dispenser to make boozy lemonade look chic at your next brunch event.

The Best Carafe

Estilo Glass Beverage Cartafe with Plastic Lids (2-Pack).

Most likely, you’ve seen pitchers similar to these at your favorite brunch place and wondered where you can get one. This set is great for versatility, and I’m a proud owner of several carafes similar to this one.

Make a batch of a mimosa, or a bloody mary, on the weekend, and then pack the plastic top and go to the park with your best friend. Thank me later!

The Pretty Blue One

Elegant Home Blue Glass Mason Jar Drink Dispenser

Amazon.com: Home to Table


This blue, oversized Mason-jar-style beverage dispenser by Home to Table is vintage and beautiful. It holds 2.15 gallons. This makes it an ideal choice for serving lemon water at summer’s end, Gatorade at kids’ soccer practice, or refreshing lemonade.

Ideal for Special Occasions

Dual 1.5-Gallon Glass Beverage Dispensers

Kitchentoolz amazon.com

This matching set is perfect for serving custom cocktails at an engagement party or JackJill.

The heavy-duty stainless steel pour out spouts and decorative metal stand add drama to the space. While the chalkboards add a bit of DIY magic, the chalkboards are a nice touch.

Best for Kool Aid

Circleware Hobnail glass Beverage Dispenser

Circleware macys.com


This 1.6-gallon beverage dispenser is adorable with its square shape and sweet hobnail glass texture. It may look like a large juice box, but this dispenser would be great for serving Kool-Aid or fruit punch at parties.

Ideal for tight spaces

1-Gallon Drink Dispenser with Metal Stand

This Estilo 1-gallon drink dispenser is a great balance of casual and elegant. It has a dark metal raised base. The stand provides ample space beneath the dispenser so you can keep cups, ladles or additional fruit nearby.

Best for Sangria

BirdRock Home Hammered glass beverage dispenser

Amazon.com: Birdrock Home


Perhaps it’s just us, but this 1.5-gallon beverage dispenser shouts chilled sangria. This beverage dispenser is ideal for showing off your best punch, summer sangria, or batched cocktails.

Best for soccer practice

Slimline Beverage Dispenser

Amazon.com: Arrow Home Products

This clear plastic beverage dispenser has a large 2.5-gallon capacity, which is 40 cups. It’s the perfect container for Gatorade or ice-cold water for your entire team after a weekend of soccer practice. The handle is easy to carry and the pour spout makes it even more convenient for parents.

Happy Hour: Best

Godinger 2-Gallon Beverage Dispenser

Godinger amazon.com


This stylish, chrome-finished drink dispenser can be used to serve batched cocktails at happy hour or fruity sangria on a picnic. This drink dispenser’s metal base, cylindrical shape and vintage-inspired aesthetic will add sophistication to any event.

A large Mason Jar

Circleware Mason Jar Glass Beverage Dispenser

Circleware Amazon.com


Circleware’s 2-gallon Mason-jar-inspired drink dispenser is the perfect example of summer. We love the pour-off metal lid and the perfect container to serve iced tea or lemonade at your next brunch gathering.

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