List Of The Best Cocktail Smokers Of 2021

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Mixing a cocktail used to be a skill that was only available to professional mixologists. You can still find smoked cocktails in these establishments, but nowadays it’s also something you can do at home.

You can make cocktail smokers easy and inexpensive or more complicated and costly. But the idea behind them all is simple. The device is made from a combustible woodchip or sawdust. Once the smoke has infused your drink, you place it under a dome or box. A simple glass of whiskey or a classic cocktail like the Old Fashioned can be smoked. It all depends on the type of wood that you use, but the result is a richer flavor.

You can purchase many types of smoking equipment and kits. These are the top cocktail smokers that we recommend.

Best Overall: Breville

The best all-around option is this smoking gun by Breville. It’s not the most expensive, at around $100, but its reliability and efficiency make up for that. The smoker includes wood chips and replacement screens. The design is simple and reliable. You can use this device to smoke any cocktail you can think of, and it’s easy to store and clean once you are finished using it.

Best Value: TMKEFFC Portable Smoking gun

This smoking gun by TMKEFFC is a great option if you are looking for a less expensive option. The gun is small, battery-operated and does the job well. It’s also far less expensive than other options. Add your wood chips or whatever material you are using to the top of the device, light it, and allow the smoke to travel down the hose to infuse your cocktail with rich campfire flavors.

Best Box: Crafthouse By Fortessa Cocktail Smoking Box

This smoking box and gun kit is a great way to show off your bartending skills in style. This box features a stainless steel frame and a black walnut interior. Your drink will be the star of the show.

You can attach the gun to the box and smoke will fill the interior, giving your drink an extra level of intensity. Once you’re done, you can simply lift the latch to take your drink out.

Best Kit: Mitbak Cocktail Smoker

The BlacktailNYC cocktail smokers┬ákit from Mitbak has everything you need to whip up some excellent smoked cocktails, including a smoke infuser, wood chips, dome lid and recharger cable. It is easy to use, effective, and even more expensive than some other options. You don’t have to purchase any additional equipment with this kit. It all comes together as a set and the materials are very high quality.

Ideal for beginners: Smoke Boards Smoked Cocktail Set

You’ll want to make sure you get everything you need, especially if you’re new to smoking cocktails. Smoke Boards is a good option for the novice home bartender because the kit contains everything you’ll need: a butane torch, a mason jar to cover the drink, a board to set it on, several different types of wood chips, and a carrying case in which to pack it all up if you want to take the kit on the go. This kit is very easy to use and you can even make your own smoked cocktails.

Super Aladin Professional Foodsmoker is the most versatile

Many professionals choose this flexible method for smoking food and beverages. This device has a larger combustion tank than others, which means you have more leeway in choosing what you’d like to add to create your smoke, from chips to sawdust (including Jack Daniel’s-infused sawdust, which you can purchase from the brand).

The device can be used with several Super Aladin smoking domes. It is also made of metal which makes it easy for you to clean between uses.

JetChill Flavour Blaster is the best for home chefs

You are looking for something more? “I have personally used the Flavour Blaster gun,” says Kim Hunter, founder of Potent Pours. There are many flavors to choose from. You will not only get a smoked cocktail but also the cutest edible bubbles for your cocktail!

A vapor bubble is created over any cocktail by the gun. This is a clever trick and a great option to home chefs who want to enhance the taste of their cocktails.

Oklahoma Joe’s Cocktail Smoking Container is the Best Compact

Oklahoma Joe’s is the manufacturer of this new smoking box. It’s made from American white oak, the same type of wood that is used to make bourbon barrels. You can take it on the move, but it’s small enough to hold one drink.

Place your glass in the tray, add wood chips to the bottom, and then light. Once you have reached the desired smoke level, close the sliding doors and open the top to enjoy a smoky Old Fashioned, or any other type of drink.

Final Verdict

Breville is the most popular cocktail smoker currently on the market. Although it’s not the most expensive, it has the best quality and efficiency. It is small and easy to use. Both experienced mixologists and novice home bartenders will find this cocktail smoker incredibly useful for crafting creative drinks (view at Amazon).


Is it safe to smoke a cocktail?

As long as you follow all the instructions, safety is no problem with cocktail smokers. You should dispose of any smoldering wood chips and keep the smoker lit in a well-ventilated area.

How can you clean it and take care of it?

It is important to clean any smoker’s device exterior every now and again. You may need to replace the screen every now and again depending on how often you use the chip to make the fire. You will need to order additional screens for some devices.

What will be the duration of this?

If you take good care of your cocktail smoker, it will last for many years.

How often do wood chips need to be replaced?

It depends on how frequently you smoke, but a bag containing wood chips will last you for a few months. Because you only use a small amount at a given time,

What to look for in a Cocktail Smoker

What’s included?

Some cocktail smokers come as a complete kit, with all the accessories. Others may just include the actual device. If you need to order additional materials, such as wood chips, a board, or a dome, you can do so separately. But first, be sure to check out what’s included with your cocktail smoking kit so you can have everything that you need on hand when you are ready to start making some smoky drinks.


Many cocktail smokers are relatively small handheld devices that are easy to store and even transport if you are taking your drink-making experience on the road. They come in many sizes and require different accessories. This might not be an issue if you are working in your home. However, it is something to think about before buying.

Power Options

Many cocktail smokers with an ignition system can be recharged these days. Many have a USB port while others can be plugged into the wall. The cheapest models often only require batteries to run.

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