Review Of Polka Signa S2 Audio System Soundbar And Subwoofer

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There’s been a lot of discussion about Polk’s brand new S2 sound-bar and radio subwoofer, also there also have been plenty of questions regarding how exactly precisely can this compare to additional soundbars, and to the way the sound-bar contrasts in overall to an effective 2.0 Speaker installation, therefore now I will compare Polk Signa S2 (200 2500 ) into Audioengine a 5 + (500 2500 ), respectively Edifier S1000DB (300 USD), along with Edifier e-25 Luna (200 USD).


Polk is fairly a popular name with all the sound folks, which is for a great reason since they will have products which range from the many noninvasive, all of the solutions to pretty high-end floor standing speakers. What’s more, they’re famous for top quality and complete smartly constructed products.

Polk Signa S2 can be available on the shop page, which will be excellent, given it had a fairly great deal, being below 200 2500 in Romania at the present time of writing that specific inspection. Hi-fi Center includes a broad array of merchandise, out of mobile DACs, cans, all of the best way to FiiO services and products, bookshelf speakers, and sometimes even high-end floor standing speakers, in addition to wires along with additional hi-fi products.

They simply take care of warranty and also provide after-sales service to get their services and products, plus they’ve now already been doing a remarkable job for years today, being a reasonably much-established shop in Romania.

If you are out of here, or in case you might have an opportunity to traveling here, then they’ve got just two large showrooms filled with services and products, and they’ll soon be more than delighted to be of service and allow you to pick out the ideal product for the subsequent purchase.

It needs to be noted I have absolutely no affiliation with all Polk or hi-fi Center, I’m not having any incentive with this particular specific review or even to sweeten out things. Every comment expressed is mine and that I uphold it, the point of the review would be to help people thinking about Polk Signa S2 find their second music company.


First things first, let us get the packaging from this manner:

It’s been a time since I saw a package which was not exactly a box that is normal, also Polk Signa S2 does not neglect with their package, arriving from a shaped box, that has enough distance to its sound-bar, the remote, and the subwoofer, and also the wires necessary to join it.

In general, they arrive in a fancy package and also that I really like the demonstration, it generates un-boxing the device fun and also for the cost, but it’s a sizable and cool-looking one.

The very first thing you might have, and I had, is, how well could a 200-USD Sound-System be assembled, so you never feel as though you are purchasing something cheap only as it’s economical. I personally had been impressed with the quality.

The sound-bar itself is constructed from high quality vinyl, plus it seems fine to the touchscreen. So far as I could tell, it’s not possible to take out the speaker grille, however as it mightn’t influence the noise, also it can protect the speakers within the sound-bar, it’s wise that it remains set up.

Additionally, you can join Polk Signa S2 for your television and computer using HDMI ARC, which fundamentally means you could join it to a SMART-TV’s box, and the HDMI connector into your own computer will watch Polk Signa S2 within an Audio option.

When it comes to quality, the subwoofer can be really actually just a substantial wooden box, so which is manufactured from wood that is processed, feels very solid/inflexible, however, it’s not so heavy. It’s a unit that weighs about 5 Kilograms, which will be fairly light, especially in contrast to this BAR that features a 1.8 kilogram. It follows that you are going to find an extremely heavy sound-bar that feels quite well made, however, a subwoofer that seems far light because of your own build.

The reason this is fairly easy, the motorist in the subwoofer is in fact rather small, because it’s a 5.25″ driver, that can go as little as 4 5 Hz, although maybe lower. At the very least, this really can be enough to supply an extremely sustainable wander and impact to movies, but won’t drop all of the ways to 20 Hz for anyone that wants to know the ground rattle within their home. For that you will take a bigger overall bass anyways, so do not worry, for this particular budget, Polk Signal S2 is really far exceptional.

Polk Signa S2 also will come with a remote, however, you may even configure it with the television’s remote, but with its distant functions also, and that means you’ve got a whole good deal of alternatives for most useful deploying it.

If your television is installed onto a wall, then that you never need to be worried, it is sold with setup holes, either at a keyhole structure, and you’ll have the ability to put it to use installed onto a wall also. The subwoofer wants an electrical associate of a unique, and also the sound-bar needs one as well, and that means you must possess two outlets vacant to do the installation.

What’s more, it’s likewise feasible to utilize S2 with a blue tooth connection, therefore this usually means you will have the ability to receive an invisible experience along with it.

Polk Signa S2 additionally takes Aux inputs, in addition to Optical input signal, which sounds nearly as good as HDMI, however, that enables one to join into a larger collection of sources.

The subwoofer joins automatically into the sound-bar wirelessly, therefore if you do not enjoy wires lying around, Signa S2 will definitely be a computer tool only for you personally. On the flip side, if you should be concerned with the characteristic of the signal, or in case you should be concerned with just how well it links, well, I’d literally zero problems, it only connects consistently, of course, should you want to reconnect it, then it’s A-bar Sync button, that may do precisely that (think about it as if you’d like as a failsafe option).

There’ll soon be spicy details to speak about from the background usage component with the review, which deals in detail with just how to really utilize Polk Signa S2 and exactly that which I came across when deploying it to the previous months.


Since I have been utilizing the Polk Signa S2 for in regards to several months now I have a far greater grasp concerning its sound and general quality, as initially, it was not quite as simple to clarify its own advantages and flaws.

Concerning sound quality, it’s a serious exceptional pruning, using a hot and bassy general demonstration, a voice-centered mid-century, with a relaxing and smooth treble.

The treble additionally rolls pretty ancient, and that I wouldn’t recommend EQ’ing Polk Signa S2, but I would go using it from its default settings. The mids are despite a fairly strange general tonality they really find the work done as it has to do with sounding playing and sweet guitars in a fun way.

The bass is heavy and in the event that you do not obey the bass at 4-5 Hz, and maybe perhaps not falling lower, you’re going to undoubtedly become more than happy using Polk Signa S2.

You will find bass augmentation options you can let to secure more ramble and also a deeper noise, and complete, it provides only enough explosion and produces an extremely persuasive blow for movies and shows. If it regards its music operation, the bass will be still quick enough for some electronics and EDM, however, it’s slow for alloy music, also that I wouldn’t suggest it to get competitive metal.

For rock music, the noise is a bit thick, and also the passage between your bass and the mid-century feels whole, but isn’t too hot, as an alternative feels thick and also a bit dark. The noise really is large and gives a persuasive stage, which aids with the point.

If you let the voice adapt, the sound stage becomes much bigger, and also the noise is quite a bit more forward in the mid-century. There’s also a music style in the marketplace, that employs an EQ into the noise, therefore that sounds better to several software. I discovered it to seem balanced and most useful when an abandoned music manner.

On the flip side, the treble is really searchable and tame, rolling out pretty early, at approximately 10 kHz, therefore there isn’t lots of spice from the extremities. Additionally, this usually means that the noise is really relaxing, and watching movies for nearly four hours at a row won’t be exhausting or fatiguing.

On the flip side, for music, so this usually means you never obtain plenty of enthusiasm, and elderly, more glowing recordings will seem sweet and fine, while to get electronic, you need to only choose Polk Signa S2 should you never obey the treble lacking any glow.

Concerning quality and detail, S2 is clear and crisp because of the 200 USD price point, and a lot much better than the average of installations will likely probably capture youpersonally, better compared to many 2.0 setups concerning the bass extension and overall vocal efficiency.

I detected a couple of things when working with Polk Signa S2 in the background style, also while having fun its preferences. Some of these activities were I was ready to connect it into my personal laptop system when using the HDMI-ARC possibility.

This is really an atmosphere originally designed so you may use a single remote for either your sound-bar and the television, however, in addition, it suggests that in the event that you join sound-bar to your television, also have a television attached to your own computer for being a display, you’ll have the ability to use S2 as the principal soundcard and output signal to it’s directly.

Additionally, this suggests that there isn’t merely an amplifier there, however, in addition a DAC chip and also a blue tooth receiver, so for this to help you to be given a compacted signal. The noise is most useful throughout the HDMI Arc connection, and also the Optical and the coaxial relations supply the instant concerning sonic quality, with all the blue tooth arriving last and being of past instance solution.

The fantastic part though is obtaining the choice to improve the bass and also the amount separately, which means that you may turn Polk Signa S2 to a bass creature and produce your picture or music adventure fun and fun.

The bass should have the ability to maintain and won’t lag, and won’t distort no matter how loudly you turn it. Additionally, this is since the bass driver does not try to take action that can not, however, the 5.25″ bass driver is fully capable of replicating frequencies right down to 45Hz but using good speed too.

Yet another enjoyable thing I’ve found through pure experimentation is the fact that the sound-bar itself is still quite heavy and sensible, therefore that I could sit beneath my screen, and it really is just really a Samsung Q55″, also as this version has just only a little foot straight in the midst of this display, so I was somewhat concerned that the sound-bar would not fit or might insure the display, however, the very minimal elevation helps alot with the entire aesthetic, plus it works together with this particular screen, even in the event that you’ve got the screen installed onto a desk, as opposed to onto a wall.


I Will compare S2 using Edifier S1000DB, Edifier E-25 Luna, also Audioengine A-5 +. Most of those are different productsthe majority are more costly, and ought to overtake S2, however, there are matters only S2 can perform extremely well, which is much to consume since it’s a rather reasonably priced system whatsoever.

What’s more, the mid-century is truly quite shining in S1000DB, and also the treble can be somewhat more well-voiced, however, the detail isn’t greater, and actually feels quite like Polk Signa S2. Where S2 sounds creamy, profound, and large, S1000DB is in fact boomy and lacks character. I believe the sole reason you’d wish to really go for S1000DB is to get his or her sound stage, because a 2.0 platform will still seem wider compared to the usual sound-bar when the speakers have been set very far apart, but you will likely desire to opt for the sound-bar, that includes a far superior bass and total price.

Polk Signa S2 compared to Audioengine a-5 + – a-5 + costs roughly 500 2500 and isn’t really just a cheap or perhaps even a budget option by some other way, however, that I felt as that the contrast is fairly good just because plenty of folks have asked me if a-5 + is an intriguing option to S2 or even to S1000DB. But for 500 75000, a 5 + is obviously greater, more in-depth, quicker than S2 and S1000DB, however, I’d like to generate a major case using the, S2’s sub-woofer goes in the sub lows, also contains more entire bass expansion.

Aside from this, a 5 + includes quite a similar general signature when compared with S2 from the mid century and at the treble, just from the bass being far more impartial, together with S2 being much heavier and more impactful and a 5 + being of a tracking speaker which sounds practical and clear, but also a bit apartment.

Polk Signa S2 compared to Edifier e-25 Luna – Edifier e-25 Luna could be the only speaker in this list which gets got the exact price as S2, also I will soon be fair with you personally, having bought e-25 together with my money, ” I actually don’t really regret the buy, however, that I have not used them much, while the speakers have really an inadequate bass.

The bass is speedy, however, and I truly fell in love with all the rate of e-25 at that moment, which left me to upgrade S1000DB, which in contrast, was quite unsatisfactory in the future, was undependable, with shown a bad excellent controller from edifier, and also a much greater grade on systems such as Signa S2 that are only in yet another world when it comes to quality and features offered in a reduce price.

Assessing S2 using e-25 is fairly interesting since the midsize is similar, however, Polk Signa S2 Review has improved detail, better visibility, improved treble expansion, and far much better bass expansion. Indeed, the sound stage works and on S2 too, and e-25 believed somewhat onedimensional always, no matter the way the speakers were set.

Obviously, Polk Signa S2 continues to be published a couple of decades after than Edifier e-25 Luna, therefore there are very great reasons things improved within precisely exactly the exact identical budget.

Worth and Conclusion

The cost tag on Polk Signa S2 is fairly a pocket-friendly one, is coming in at 200 83000, which makes it an incredibly reasonably priced and high-value product. You acquire a few stuff from the package that some times can cost until the buying purchase price tag on 200 83000 with no entire speaker and subwoofer contained, just such as the top quality wires, which now are rather costly.

Once we get beyond that small laugh, I’m very serious when I mention that the device is quite an excellent price, you obtain yourself a sound-bar, you obtain yourself a subwoofer, they join wirelessly, in addition, you receive a remote, and also the wires required for connecting all, and also the machine works using Optical, Auxiliary, and also by having an HDMI ARC input.

The quality and also function is outstanding, with all the pub itself being made quite unnaturally, obtaining a couple of buttons, but coming with a remote, requiring a blue tooth connection, and using an invisible link with the subwoofer. Discussing this subwoofer, that isn’t just a mobile unit, but instead, the full-sized subfloor which reaches as little as 4 5 Hz, without alerting.

Additional that the 5.25″ driver within the subwoofer is really rather quick, although it cann’t does the job nicely for subsonic frequencies, also certainly will roll off in 4-5 Hz, it is going to offer enough thickness and impact to all pictures, but also keeps a fantastic enough rate to meet music-listening without even lagging behind.

Surprisingly, the noise is quite coherent and does not feel as though there exists a massive dip between your bass and the mid-century, the noise is really quite coherent, and also the bass joins really well with the mid-century, regardless of the gap in drivers in dimension between your 5.25″ bass driver and the 1.25″ mid-range driver.

Additionally, there are the 1″ tweeters that feature the treble, even though treble is generally milder and more stimulating, being really fantastic for extended hours of listening and watching a couple of pictures in a row without becoming tired.

Very well known notions, an item which goes for an extremely precise purpose and does this well, also features a slew of features, I believe that in the event you have only 200 75000 and desire a wonderful sound-bar, afterward Polk Signa S2 is quite the epic pick.

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